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Safe society is a beautiful dream. A vision that acquires even greater significance in the context of today’s fast changing world. It’s a dream that BLACKCAT seeks to translate into reality. Our wide range of security systems are a conscious step towards realizing this objective.

A result of extensive study of specific consumer needs, BLACKCAT systems are manufactured with state-of-the-art new generation technology. So while these match today’s requirements precisely, they also promise high quality performance for years to come.

With BLACKCAT, we are a little closer to a more secure way of life.

Latest Technology. Advantage R&D

bike-sensorContinuous technology upgradation has been Bajaj’s guiding mantra ever since it came into being. With an eye on the changing demands of marketplace, the company has been quick to respond with new products over the years.

Inhouse R&D has remained the company’s prime strength. Adapting new generation technologies for developing products optimally suited to Indian conditions, Bajaj has stayed at the forefront of the security systems market.
In fact, thanks to this research, the company today offers the widest range of systems –computerised to manual- for the widest spectrum of security applications.

From basic product designing to related hardware and software development, Bajaj has the capability to manufacture sophisticated systems from blueprint to finish.

Innovations, every step of the way

banner-remoteWhen Bajaj launched its first BLACKCAT in1993, it set the trend for the whole industry. And it has continued to play the trailblazer’s role ever since.

India’s first Fully Computerised Remote Controlled Car Security System introduced in 1996offered breakthrough features like auto rearming, alarm memory, door open indicator, hand-broke operated central locking, and more.
Just two years later, Bajaj launched the country’s first car security system with the Anti-Hijacking and Auto-Arming features.

And now, India’s first indigenously made remote Controlled Engine Starter, that also functions as a Power Window Modulator, has just been introduced. Along with never-before security for two-wheeler security.

The pursuit of Total Quality

isoBajaj has always followed a policy of uncompromising quality control in everything that it has been doing. A strong belief in Total Quality Management (TQM) has enabled BLACKCAT to become a brand with a solid reputation of reliability and value for money. And this reputation has been strengthened further with every BLACKCAT new product launched over the years.

Today, Bajaj is an ISO 9001-2000 company, with a sophisticated plant and well-established quality assurance systems.

The quest for excellence has also influenced the company’s choice of vendors and components. From SGS Thomson, Philips, Texas Instruments and Motorola ICs, to Shogini for PCBs, each associate has been handpicked for his expertise in manufacturing international quality components- that, in turn, contribute to the overall quality and performance of every BLACKCAT systems.

Excellence in sales & service too

The company’s countrywide network of dealers offer every BLACKCAT customer the assurance of high standards of after sales service. On the marketing front, Bajaj is tying up with the most exclusive new generation automobile showrooms for sales of its systems.