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Product Details

Specially designed for two wheeler security, the BLACKCAT Bike Security System has some outstanding features.

  • Once the system is activated (armed), it automatically cuts off the vehicle’s ignition  circuit and prevents engine from starting.
  • Extremely sensitive to the slightest movements, jerk or tampering, it instantly responds by setting of a laud siren.
  • The BLACKCAT System can also start the engine by remote control .
  • The remote operating range is 300 feet (max).
  • Both the remote and module are water resistant –a crucial advantage since two wheeler are exposed to rain and other vagaries of the weather.

Unique features

  • Remote arming/Disarming(range 300ft. max)
  • Silent arming
  • Ignition Cut-Off
  • Remote engine Starter
  • Alarm by ignition
  • Bike Finder
  • Anti hijacking
  • Impact sensor
  • Sensitivity adjustable by remote
  • Arming reminder
  • Panic
  • Overtaking warning
  • Speaking function
  • Water resistant remote & module
  • Loud siren
  • Code learning
  • Power off Memory